At 5:31 PM -0400 5/18/07, Ann Zdunczyk wrote:
>It is interesting that I have been hearing about paperless offices for years
>but have yet to see one. Its like the people that say books are going away
>and being replaced by electronic media. I, as a reader, plan to continue
>reading PAPER books. I do not plan to read on a screen, I do that all day.
>It is much easier to read a book at the beach, in the tub, in bed etc rather
>that a laptop, PDF, etc. I do not listen to books on tape, I READ. I love
>the SMELL of a book. I love the feel of a book.
>I like FrameMaker. I know FrameMaker. I plan to use it until it no longer
>works on ANY of the machines I have. I still use FrameMaker on my MAC. I
>have been using FrameMaker since 3.0 back in the early 90's (when it was
>Frame Technologies). I use it as it is.

 I'll ditto that. Dead tree based publishing isn't likely to go away any time 

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