It is interesting that I have been hearing about paperless offices for years
but have yet to see one. Its like the people that say books are going away
and being replaced by electronic media. I, as a reader, plan to continue
reading PAPER books. I do not plan to read on a screen, I do that all day.
It is much easier to read a book at the beach, in the tub, in bed etc rather
that a laptop, PDF, etc. I do not listen to books on tape, I READ. I love
the SMELL of a book. I love the feel of a book. 

I like FrameMaker. I know FrameMaker. I plan to use it until it no longer
works on ANY of the machines I have. I still use FrameMaker on my MAC. I
have been using FrameMaker since 3.0 back in the early 90's (when it was
Frame Technologies). I use it as it is. Even though I use most of the other
publishing software also, I prefer FrameMaker. I have to use the other
software because my customers do. When I get a FrameMaker project it feels
like I am putting on my favorite and most comfortable outfit, usually sweats
and warm slippers (I work at home so I can!!). 

I give my two cents to Adobe reps when I see them. I try to give them ideas
like most of you to continue the development of FrameMaker. I HOPE that
Adobe continues updating FrameMaker. I push FrameMaker to my customers. 

In the work that I do I am surprised at the software that some customers use
to create the manuals. I am surprised how little the document designers know
about the software that they use. 

OK my two cents for a Friday. 

Have a GREAT weekend everyone.


Ann Zdunczyk
a2z Publishing, Inc.
Language Layout & Translation Consulting
Phone: (336)922-1271
Fax:   (336)922-4980
Cell:  (336)456-4493

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> From the interview ( 
> articleid=1741) with the Adobe CEO:
> *****
> We will continue to extend the capabilities of the core product in 
> each of those segments with some of the features that are available in 
> the other products. But, yes, it is our goal to continue to make sure 
> that we don't leave any customer behind. For a number of customers who 
> have adopted a product like FrameMaker, we will continue to invest in 
> it.
> *****
> A number that's a log way short of 100%. But the middle sentence does 
> show a sense of humor.

One issue that concerns me is that Adobe seems to be betting the farm on Web
2.0 while reducing the importance of print based and other forms of output
media. Perhaps that has something to do with Narayen's failed attempt at
Pictra. He feels he needs to succeed in that area, to prove his machismo or
what ever.

"don't leave any customer behind" reminds me of the US "don't leave any
child behind" education system. Umm, but what does that actually mean,


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