Hi Penelope and Kenneth,

Thank you for your help. I regret to be late in replying. Usually
replies move the thread into the Inbox of my Gmail, but this time it
did not. I just started looking in my Sent Mail because of the thread
(header) "Confused about hexadecimal Codes", and then I saw a couple
of replies to my posting.

You are absolutely right. This is not a Distiller problem. I would
rather think this is has to do with the PS driver. The character
prints as intended on any non-postscript printer, but on a PostScript
printer and to PDF it prints incorrectly.

It would have set me on the right track if I had read it eariler. :-(
But the "Confused..." thread lead me to study the online manual:
"FrameMaker Character Sets" where I saw that there is no entry for the
circled roman 2, which must be rated as a bug. However, the sans-serif
circled 2 has an entry, as referred to in your reply.

I think Adobe should really make a separate revision/upgrade to this
part of FM for all versions 7.x at least, or if this is, as I am
starting to suspect, a PostScript driver fault, to revise the Adobe
PostScript driver, and have this solved in the FrameMaker.next (as
Bernard prefers to call the next version).

Thanks again and God bless,


On 5/16/07, Penelope Perkins <Penelope.Perkins at synergex.com> wrote:
> Bodvar,
> I can confirm this behavior on Win XP, FM 7.2, Acro 7.0. Do you recall
> the issue a number of years ago with Zapf Dingbats and Win2000/XP? To
> get the right characters to both display and print, you had to edit the
> PPD for the printer driver. I thought that might have something to do
> with your problematic circle-2, but I checked the PPD used by Distiller
> 7 and it doesn't even include the line that the fix told you to edit.
> Just out of curiosity, I tried this on a system with Win2000, FM 7.0,
> Acro 5.5, and got the same results, regardless of whether that PPD is
> edited, so it's not a new problem.
> Do you have to use the serif numbers? There are sans serif numbers in
> circles starting at ALT+0192; I tested to make sure ALT+0193 really
> produces a circle-2.
> BTW, you can see info about the aforementioned issue at
> http://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/webx?50 at 97.JKaTavSAj4d.0@.ef4dc73
> Regards,
> Penelope
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > I am trying to use Zapf Dingbats (that has never failed me!) to
> > display and print a.o. the digit 2 in a ring. The FM shortcut is
> > CTRL-q - (dash) or ALT-0173.
> >
> > The weird thing is that in both instances (using CTRL-q - (dash) and
> > ALT-0173) or by copy - pasting from the character map, the character
> > shows correctly in FM 7.2 but after distilling, the pdf shows the hand
> > holding pen turning left.
> > Both characters are using the dash, according to the character map,
> > with the difference that the hand is hard dash and the 2 circled is
> > the soft dash.
> >
> > Any ideas? Will I need to use the circled numbers from Wingdings 1?
> >
> > I have no problems with the circled "1".
> >
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> > Supervisor Publishing,
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