I did say Windows, not Macintosh, as well as the particular
versions of Windows!

        - Dov 

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> At 08:25 -0700 21/5/07, Dov Isaacs wrote:
> >For what it is worth, there is no such thing as an "Adobe 
> PostScript Driver," at least for the current versions of 
> Windows. The driver used for the Adobe PDF PostScript printer 
> driver instance and for most printers supporting PostScript 
> is in fact the PSCRIPT5 driver distributed and maintained by 
> Microsoft as part of  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 
> Server 2003, and Windows Vista.
> How very interesting. At least on our obsolete Mac FrameMaker 
> installations we get a genoooiyne Adobe-branded Ps printer 
> driver (or such is my interpretation of the fact that it's 
> called 'AdobePS', shows an Adobe logo in the print dialog, 
> and says 'Adobe Systems Incorporated' when you request file 
> info on it).
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> Steve

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