At 10:51 +0300 29/5/07, Shmuel Wolfson wrote:

>I have a Frame document with several embedded CorelDraw graphics. In some of 
>the graphics, the text is very choppy. That is, each letter is a series of 
>short lines. This text looks very bad. In other CorelDraw graphics in the same 
>document, the text is fine. Does anyone have any ideas when or why this 
>happens, or how to avoid it. Thanks

Shmuel... I have a vague memory of seeing this in Corel documents long ago. I 
would guess [emphasize: guess] that the most likely cause is that the text in 
question has been converted into outlines, and then the graphics files have 
been created from Corel Draw in a form that FrameMaker can use by a sub-optimal 
output filter. There is a parallel issue with, for example, Visio, in which 
some versions [all?] of Visio produce poor Postscript.

If this is the case, your only recourses are:

. Revisit the original artwork, if it is available, to try other output formats

. Edit the relevant diagrams in, say, Illustrator, to replace the bad text.


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