Framemaker 7.2, Windows XP with SP2

I am currently writing a Developer's Guide that references heavy use of
xml files. Our styles and standards call for referring to any file type
as .<type> file; for example, the .xml file, an .xml file, the .pdf
file, and so on. Obviously, when I run spell check on any file in this
book, Framemaker is flagging these entries as an extra space between the
word "the" or "an" and the file type. I don't want to turn off checking
for extra spaces in my spelling checker (although I do have smart spaces
turned on, I still find that I have extra spaces every now and then
which is freaky to me, but . . .) I don't want to make this file type a
variable because Special > Variable > Insert is a lot more time
consuming than just rapidly typing ".xml file" - (believe me, as many
times as this is used in this guide, a variable is not the way to go.)

So, what do I have to have set up in my spell checker rules to avoid any
instance of ".xml" getting ignored? I tried adding ".xml" to the rules,
but it's still getting flagged during spell checking.



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