John Posada wrote:
> don't have to go through that series of menu selections
> to pick a variable.
>>From your keyboard, enter <CTRL> 0 to display the available variables
> in the bottom space of your FM can scroll thrtough the
> list with your cursor keys.
> Enter <CTRL> 0 <L> <Enter> where <L> would be the defined letter of
> the variable and 0 is the zero character, not the alpha  character.
> have to create these variables first. so, create a
> variable named X for .xml file and a variable named P for PDF, etc,

For use on a PC, an alternative shortcut (that I find easier to hit than 
the ctrl + 0 combination requiring a stretch from both little fingers) 
is: Alt + s, v, <L> <Enter> (where <L> is the initial letter of the 
variable).  Hold the Alt key with your thumb -- it's easy to reach on 
either side of the spacebar while your fingers remain on the home keys. 
The key sequence activates the menu commands as if you were clicking 
them, so you can verify your choice in the variables dialog box before 
hitting Enter, if need be.


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