> There are situations in which being a full-time employee is more
> advantageous than being a contractor. I don't know that training
> would be one of them, because a lot depends on the quality of
> training, and how transferrable the skills are. It also depends on
> how close a fit the training is for the learning style of the
> learner. 

It was my criteria for taking the F/T position.

> Only 10 jobs in 18+ years? That is an impressive record for a
> contractor. It may be that there are different shades of meaning in
> our interpretations of the term "contractor." 

If I work for an agency and report to a third party, to me that is a
contractor. Is that not interpretted as a contractor?

I always made the determination that I would not discuss gigs that
were planned for less than six months and several gigs went close to
two years. It was almost normal that my contract was extended
multiple times.

John Posada
Senior Technical Writer

"They say everyone needs goals. Mine is to live forever.
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