Contract exclusively, preferably three- to six-month. Contractors tend to be 
more fully focused on task completion, and doing the job right, both of which 
suit my inclinations perfectly. "Full-time" work becomes more a social issue, 
in which the most importance is attached to "fitting in with the existing 
culture." Because a substantial part of my training is to create those 
cultures, I have a much different perspective on them.

Example; education. If the hiring manager has a BS, anyone with a more advanced 
degree will be considered a potential rival--regardless of what positive 
contribution he or she might make to the organization. Similarly, if you have 
spent the last three or four years as a project manager, and are now applying 
for a developer or tech writer position, you are almost guaranteed to be 
considered a potential adversary, sight unseen.

Why would anyone with experience as a manager want a developer or tech writer 
position? More jobs, more opportunities, less hassle, less effort. Lots of IT 
people switch from doer to manager and back. Keeps up the job interest, keeps 
it challenging, a myriad of reasons. Most work as contractors, and politely 
decline offers of "full-time" work as the equivalent of being purchased as a 
"wage slave" by an organization that clearly understands it can more easily 
manipulate its employees than it can manipulate contractors. A gold star, an 
Employee-of-the-Month certificate, recognition, congratulations on a job 
well-done, flattery, perhaps even a favored parking spot for a month--have 
meaning only to those many contractors refer to as "lifers." in the Design, Development, and 
Production of:Technical Documentation - Online Content - Enterprise Websites> 
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 11:24:48 -0700> From: athloi at> Subject: RE: 
radical revamping of techpubs> To: tekwrytr at> > Interesting. All 
of this has helped me with an upcoming article on this> topic. It sounds like 
you've had some industry experience. If you don't> mind me asking, do you 
normally seek contract or full-time work? Trying> to make that decision here 
myself.> > --- Technical Writer <tekwrytr at> wrote:> > > > > Not 
really. Some agile programmers specialize in a perpetual> > work-in-process, 
sometimes with 20-30 programmers building a software> > application that seems 
a moving target, with "new and unanticipated> > requirements" surfacing 
frequently. It is in the best interest of the> > developer to cater to change 
(one of the basic mottos of Extreme> > Programming is "Embrace Change"), and 
the more "requirements" change,> > for whatever reason, the less pressure to 
"complete the project." > > > > From the perspective of a developer, each 
iteration is "completion,"> > because they are paid on a regular basis, not for 
completion of the> > project. Project managers use various carrot-and-stick 
techniques to> > try to keep control of the situation, with less than 
impressive> > results. in the Design,> > 
Development, and Production of:Technical Documentation - Online> > Content - 
Enterprise Websites> Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2007 08:59:44 -0700>> > From: athloi at> Subject: RE: radical revamping of techpubs>> > To: tekwrytr at; rinnie1 at;> > framers at> > For 
any project that size, won't it> > take some months for it to> complete, as it 
will for the docs to be> > done, which means that the TW> is first going to be 
assembling> > information and writing known parts of> the doc, and then 
expanding> > to write as parts of the software become> formalized?> > ---> > 
Technical Writer <tekwrytr at> wrote:> > > I said that in an> > 
ambiguous, undefined software project> > (which many, including> > 
multi-million dollar, tend to be), it is> > pointless to create> > 
documentation of an application that may--and> > probably> > will--change at 
the next iteration.> > >> >> technical 
writing |> > consulting | development> >> > 
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