The company where I work has a number of different products based on the
same basic platform with radically different configurations. However,
because enough of the basic platform is shared, I need to maintain one
documentation set  Keeping the product differences in appendices won't
work, as the differences are too embedded in the product. As a result, I
have 35 conditionals (don't ask!) sprinkled liberally throughout the
majority of my files.

With the recent additional of new conditionals, I have noticed a
phenomenon where I add some new text in a sentence and make it
conditional, but suddenly other hidden conditionals start displaying as
well. To hide them, I have to keep selecting them and clicking "Apply,"
or I have to select "Show All, and then "Show" to display only the
specified conditionals.

Is this a bug? Does FrameMaker only handle a certain number of
conditionals gracefully? Is there something else I should know?



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