If you want the FM integration with RH, you have to buy the suite. You
don't get it without the suite. So, there's that angle to consider as

On 11/6/07, Kenneth C. Benson <kbenson at pegtype.com> wrote:
> richard.melanson at us.tel.com wrote:
> > I just got off the phone with Adobe and I don't feel good about the answer 
> > I received.
> I'm not sure the suites are that good a deal. I like to upgrade certain
> programs (Indesign and Framemaker) every release. But with other
> programs I don't feel like I need the latest release all the time. So
> when I go to upgrade, I don't want to pay to upgrade the whole suite
> just to get Framemaker.
> Yes, you could have gotten more for the same price. But what about next
> version? You're going to be able to upgrade FM for a few hundred dollars
> while suite owners will have to upgrade the entire suite, probably for
> more than double your upgrade price.

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