I assume there is some very important reason for the following behavior.

[Frame 7.2, WinXP, Unstructured]

When I italicize a chapter or section heading using the CTRL-I, the generated 
TOC file does not retain the formatting, but maintains the cross-reference all 
the way to the end of the line. Hence:

4.1 Heading with /Italic/ Text

renders as:

4.1 Heading with Italic Text.......22

in the TOC, with the whole line linking to the heading on p. 22, but the word 
Italic now rendered in roman.

If, on the other hand, I use an Italic (Emphasis) character format, I get the 
formatting in the generated TOC, but the link breaks at the tag boundary. The 
generated TOC line thus appears as:

4.1 Heading with /Italic/ Text........22

However, the link breaks at the boundary between "with" and "Italic."

It there any way around this? Call me a dreamer, but I really want the 
formatting to come through *and* the link not to be broken when I generate a 

Thanks in advance.

--William Abernathy

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