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>Is this such a well-known FrameMaker bug 
>that it merits no response?

That's probably the consensus.  But, IIRC, there *is* a
workaround for your specific case.  You can't use a char
format (for the reasons everyone has mentioned), and any
char formatting overrides are not preserved in the TOC.  
But *font* changes are.  So if you specify an Italic font 
as an override in your title, like VerdanaItalic, rather 
than setting the format to italic, you may get what you want.

You may also need to add a setting in maker.ini for [Fonts]
and/or [WindowsToFrameFontAliases], which may be more trouble
than it's worth to you.  I don't recall just how that setting
needs to be, but maybe someone else here does.

I have *not* tested this...  ;-)

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