In telecom in the town I'm in, it's a rare thing to find a company (even a tier 
1 telco, both American-owned and Japanese-owned) with a solid tech writing 
staff in place. The vast majority of tech writing jobs at all levels in this 
town in telecom are contract only, and they're almost all subject to frequent 
upheaval via organizational changes.  I can't say much about other industries, 
because I'm too narrow - I've done nothing but telecom work for over a decade.

  Rene Stephenson

Bill Swallow <techcommdood at> wrote:
  I don't buy your "few companies" generalization. Perhaps small pre-IPO
companies and the like, but I've not met an established company that
didn't have a solid tech writing staff in place.

On 10/10/07, Chris Borokowski wrote:
> My prediction is that it will be a partial disaster, and then they'll
> hire a contractor to come clean up. Few companies are interested in
> keeping technical writers around full time, since they're only needed
> at the end of the design process. They want dual roles, such as project
> manager technical writers, developer technical writers and probably
> even technical writers who can cook to reduce catering costs.

Bill Swallow
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