Bill Swallow wrote:
 > I don't buy your "few companies" generalization. Perhaps small pre-IPO
 > companies and the like, but I've not met an established company that
 > didn't have a solid tech writing staff in place.

Correct ... and even small, pre-IPO, companies often have competent, 
professional, tech writers. :)

We have 60 employees (10 in SW Engineering, 8 in HW Engineering, 15 in Network 
Operations, 6 in Admin/Finance and the 
rest in Marketing and Sales).

Of the 60 employees, one is a full-time Senior Technical Writer and we also 
occasionally bring in technical writer 
contractors (1 to 3 ... depending on the needs) for crunch projects.

I am not that Sr. Tech Writer, by the way, but I also produce a lot of 
technical material. As one of the founders, 
almost 75-80% of the technical docs - sent to customers - is my work ... our 
Sr. Tech Writer, has approved of my 
technical and general writing skills, fortunately! :)

FWIW, I have *always* believed that quality written material for any company is 
fundamentally important. Otherwise, it 
can be a stamp of incompetence ... if a company can't provide accurate, 
well-written, clear, documentation, as well as a 
timely process of correcting errors that *do* creep in, how can customers rely 
on them to provide quality products and 



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