I love the idea of using conditional text, and I do so extensively for
producing several different versions of a user guide (c. 130 pages). I
currently output to five product versions + generic X 2 (print & Help),
plus one or two "internal" conditions for comments and future/draft
sections. That's 14 different conditions.

What I miss is the ability to conditionalize-out text and graphics. That
option would make it easier to configure the documents, and would
require far less conditionalizing. For example, I have several pages in
a chapter that are conditionalized for different products. But for one
specific product, the whole section must currently be left out. I cannot
apply conditions for every other product to every unconditioned part of
those pages--that would be tedious and unmanageable. And then what would
I have to go through if/when I eventually have to show this material for
the product? 

If I could just select the whole section and say "Don't show for
Condition X" -- that would be great.

Also, I would be happy to have a tool/dialog box or even a configurable
table on a reference page for keeping track of and managing multiple
conditions. (If anyone on the list has a good method for this, please
share it.)

BTW, I'm using FrameMaker 7.2. Is there anything new re conditional text
in FM8?

Menahem Rosen

Technical Communicator

Objet Geometries

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Here at Adobe we're looking for real-world uses of conditional text.
We'd be very interested in a summary of some of the interesting uses out
there, including the condition tags you've defined and the output
desired. We'd also like to hear of any limitations you've encountered in
either Frame 7 or Frame 8.

For example, you might say...
"I work on a doc set that must output to print and to the web in two
different versions, Mac and Windows. We've set up 6 conditions:
WinPrint, WinWeb, WinBoth, MacPrint, MacWeb, and MacBoth."

Many thanks.

/dave valiulis
Adobe systems


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