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> BTW, I'm using FrameMaker 7.2. Is there anything new re conditional text
> in FM8?

Emphatically yes. Conditional text has two important improvements in 
FrameMaker 8.0:

1) Support for Boolean logic in show/hide rules. Older versions of Frame
always assumed OR as the logic operator when you set up your show/hide
rule; anty content that was tagged with any condition that was set to 
show would be shown. You can now define compound show/hide rules 
that can specifically exclude all content tagged with a particular condition
even if it is also tagged with a shown condition, for example.

2) Improved condition indications. FrameMaker now allows you to display
text that is tagged with multiple conditions using different colors rather 
than using magenta for all multiple-condition content. 

The Adode product website has more information on these enhancements
to the conditional text feature.

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