Hi, everyone-

I am using unstructured FM 7.2 (Windows) to maintain the documentation set for 
a suite of software products. We have several different customers who each 
receive a different subset of modules, depending on their business needs. Each 
module can be customized for each client, so that a client that gets Module A 
might receive different functionality than another client.

In short, each customer receives its "own" version of the software. IOW, 
Customer 1 gets Software Suite v. 5.6 that includes Module A, C, and E. 
Customer 2 gets Software Suite v. 5.7 that includes Module A, B, and D. BUT the 
Module A that Customer 1 gets might be different than the Module A that 
Customer 2 gets.

I started out documenting the "out of the box" settings in the user guides, and 
then thought I'd just put the differences for each customer into customized 
Release Notes. However, new customers don't receive any release notes, and 
isn't it incorrect to send a customer a book describing the functionality and 
features of Module A when they might not be able to see/use everything 
documented therein?

How would you maintain these files? Conditional text? Separate books? I'm not 
sure where to begin here.

Thanks in advance

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