Hello Framers,
This might be slightly OT but here is the issue. I'm PDFing my Frame files with 
Distiller 6.0. Now and then my publisher comes up with font issues - certain 
fonts come out wrongly like bold comes out as bold ital or small caps comes out 
as bold small caps, etc. Tracing it back I narrowed it down to fonts having 
identical XUIDs. Now, I can of course go ahead and remove IDs on all fonts but 
this would be a tedious task - I have over 5000 fonts library plus this doesn't 
seem to be the right solution as in couple instances it didn't help either.
My publisher is using Docuprint machines and doesn't have much options of 
changing fonts there.
I'm trying PDF995 now and it seems like I have more control over the PDF 
process with a postscript language. I don't know much of Ghostscript at all - 
it was barely enough to change the compression method for the images, however 
it should be possible to remove XUIDs at PDFing step but how? I found a piece 
of a script that does something with XUIDs but this didn't seem to work at all 
- the PDF just wouldn't get created.

The file I'm editing is called gs_pdfwr.ps - it's part of the pdf995 package.

Please HELP.


P.S. I tried a lot of things in the attempt to solve it to no avail. Please do 
not suggest any other handling - I tried them all (sad but true...). I only 
would like to know how to remove XUID when my file gets created.

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