Thank you,
Unfortunately this is not an option I have very content sensitive files, i.e. 
changing a font would completely destroy them. Even changing Type1 to TrueType 
creates problems. Also, it might work with one or two files - but I have about 
200 completely different files with about 50 different fonts and which one will 
be next giving trouble is hard to tell...


> From: frameexpert at
> To: framers at
> Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 11:30:54 -0400
> I know you don't want any other suggestions, but for the sake of others on 
> the list, I would change one or more of the fonts in my FrameMaker documents 
> and distill them again.
> Rick Quatro
> Carmen Publishing
> 585-659-8267
> Hello Framers,
> This might be slightly OT but here is the issue. I'm PDFing my Frame files 
> with Distiller 6.0. Now and then my publisher comes up with font issues - 
> certain fonts come out wrongly like bold comes out as bold ital or small 
> caps comes out as bold small caps, etc. Tracing it back I narrowed it down 
> to fonts having identical XUIDs. Now, I can of course go ahead and remove 
> IDs on all fonts but this would be a tedious task - I have over 5000 fonts 
> library plus this doesn't seem to be the right solution as in couple 
> instances it didn't help either.
> My publisher is using Docuprint machines and doesn't have much options of 
> changing fonts there.
> I'm trying PDF995 now and it seems like I have more control over the PDF 
> process with a postscript language. I don't know much of Ghostscript at 
> all - it was barely enough to change the compression method for the images, 
> however it should be possible to remove XUIDs at PDFing step but how? I 
> found a piece of a script that does something with XUIDs but this didn't 
> seem to work at all - the PDF just wouldn't get created.
> The file I'm editing is called - it's part of the pdf995 
> package.
> Please HELP.
> Michael
> P.S. I tried a lot of things in the attempt to solve it to no avail. Please 
> do not suggest any other handling - I tried them all (sad but true...). I 
> only would like to know how to remove XUID when my file gets created.
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