Seems counter-intuitive, but try not enabling Commenting in Reader if you
plan on sending for a shared review. They are actually 2 mutually exclusive

Daniel Lewis
Topeda Hill Publishing


I have installed Acrobat 8 Professional on my system (Windows XP, SP2)
and have used the save as PDF successfully with Framemaker 7.2 to create
my PDFs.  I want to be able to send out these PDFs for review to my
users who have only Reader 8.0. According to all the hulla-bulloo about
this 8.0 release, I can enable commenting rights in a PDF so that my
Adobe Reader users can participate in shared reviews of the PDF. So, I
followed the instructions to the "T" provided in the Adobe Acrobat
Online Help and this is the problem:

1.)     Create the PDF.

2.)     In the open PDF, choose Comments > Enable For Commenting in
Adobe Reader and save the PDF.

3.)     Start the wizard to initiate the shared review. Step 4 in this
wizard is to select the PDF that is to be reviewed (natch!), so I select
the PDF that I saved in Step 2, but here's the rub:

When I click Next in the Wizard after selecting the PDF, I get the
following error message: the document that you have chosen cannot be
sent for shared review because the security permissions do not allow
modifications. Please select another document or change the permissions
on this document to allow for modifications. So, I checked the security
permissions and yes, the document does not allow for changing but that's
because certain features must be restricted to allow for extended
features in Adobe Reader. I GIVE - it's an infinite loop here. If I do
change the security permissions on the doc, then the doc is not enabled
for commenting by my Reader users, but if I follow Adobe's instructions
to extend the features to my Reader users, then Acrobat barfs and won't
let me set up a shared review - all in direct contradiction of what
Adobe claims can happen.

Anyone familiar with this apparent contraction and/or knows what to do
to enable Reader users to be able to participate in a shared review?

Any and all help is appreciated.



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