You definitely don't need to uninstall FM7 to install the FM8 trial.

In the dialog that asks for the serial number *should* be an option to 
choose the "30 Day Trial" which doesn't need a serial number. It's right 
below the serial number fields .. run it again and see if you missed it.


menchin_elaine at wrote:
> I'm attempting to download and install the free trial version of
> Framemaker 8 from the Adobe website.  It downloads fine but during the
> install process I am asked for a serial number.  I don't have one since
> this is a trial version.  The Adobe support person I contacted first
> suggested re-downloading the sw (didn't help, the same thing happened),
> then said that I cannot run the trial of Frame 8 without first removing
> Frame 7 from my system.  This isn't an option; we do our documentation
> work in Frame 7 here.  I just wanted to evaluate Frame 8's conditional
> text features to see if we want to upgrade.  Does this ring true - do I
> really need to remove Frame 7 to evaluate Frame 8?

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