I can't speak definitively to the problem with running in trial mode.

Regarding what's compatible - you can keep multiple _different_
releases of FM installed without conflicts. For example, FM 4, 5,
5.56, 6.x, and 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, and 8.0, are sufficiently different to
work independently. Each must be installed in its own directory, not
over existing installations, not even one with a very similar release
number (like 7.0 and 7.1.) You are bound by the license agreements'
requirements regarding discontinuing the use of releases you've
upgraded. Over the years, some of these requirements have changed.

In this light, the support tech may have given you bogus information.
To my knowledge, it's not been necessary to uninstall a existing
release to install a new and different one. However, if the technician
meant "try uninstalling your current release before installing the
trial, then install your old release again," that's perhaps a possible
solution. Perhaps someone on this list has experience with this
strategy and can comment.

I'd suggest contacting tech support again, and insist on talking with
a supervisor, to determine exactly how to proceed. Insist on official
Adobe-verified advice for a solution, not "it should work," or "I
think so." If the supervisor can't answer for certain, insist on
speaking with the highest-level manager.

You may want to remind your contacts that it's in Adobe's best
interest to make the trial experience as smooth as possible.

I'm not sure what the possible consequences might be of uninstalling
the earlier 7.x release before installing the 8.0 trial, and
reinstalling the 7.x. Uninstalling leaves some user files in the
installation tree which shouldn't be problematic when reinstalling 7.x
to the same location.

However, installing 8.0 may prompt you to choose whether to install
Acrobat, and warn that it will uninstall existing Acrobat. If and when
you uninstall the trial, you may need to straighten out the Acrobat
installation. Be sure to ask the supervisor about effects on Acrobat
if you try uninstalling 7 before installing the 8 trial.



Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

On 9/7/07, menchin_elaine at emc.com <menchin_elaine at emc.com> wrote:
> I'm attempting to download and install the free trial version of
> Framemaker 8 from the Adobe website.  It downloads fine but during the
> install process I am asked for a serial number.  I don't have one since
> this is a trial version.  The Adobe support person I contacted first
> suggested re-downloading the sw (didn't help, the same thing happened),
> then said that I cannot run the trial of Frame 8 without first removing
> Frame 7 from my system.  This isn't an option; we do our documentation
> work in Frame 7 here.  I just wanted to evaluate Frame 8's conditional
> text features to see if we want to upgrade.  Does this ring true - do I
> really need to remove Frame 7 to evaluate Frame 8?

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