As far as Adobe is concerned, yes. As soon as 8.0 was released,
they stopped selling 7.2 upgrades. This is pretty normal for
application software unless there is some external issue like OS
compatibility (i.e. software companies may have to keep old
versions "alive" if the new version won't work with older OS

But that's not to say that some retail software vendors didn't have
some left-over copies on their shelves. Assuming that you are able
to purchase software from third-party vendors, spend a few minutes
on the web with a tool like or to find
resellers who are offering FrameMaker 7.2.

But one might ask whether you really need the 7.2 upgrade. If I
recall correctly, most of the changes and new features were on
the structured side. The only thing I can recall being added for
unstructured mode was muktiple undo.

Fred Ridder

>From: "Kelly McDaniel" <kmcdaniel at>
>To: <framers at>
>Subject: RE: FM 7.1 to  7.2 Upgrade
>Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 10:50:52 -0500
>I'm running 7.1p579 and looking for a 7.2 upgrade to no avail. From 7.1,
>must I go all the way to 8.0?...thanks, Kelly.
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