Thanks for the reminder. I remember now.

Oh, I would like to upgrade, but...

This is my 5th week at my new POE, the source is a mess...multiple
offsite, contract authors in eight books of 4k pages total, sometimes
multiple authors in a single book, no corporate style guide, software
six years behind the curve...but the people are so nice to me, and there
is plenty to do, and what I'm doing now is right in the groove of my
skill sets. I'm thinking that I want to get through a couple of more
weeks getting my hands dirty, then make a good case for an upgrade and a
hard look at structured...Kelly.

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Might be able to round up an old upgrade on E-bay or something, but
7.x is no longer supported. Adobe only supports the current rev of a
product, so if you want an official release, 8 is it. Why wouldn't you
want to upgrade to the current release?


On 9/13/07, Kelly McDaniel <kmcdaniel at> wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm running 7.1p579 and looking for a 7.2 upgrade to no avail. From
> must I go all the way to 8.0?...thanks, Kelly.
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