I noticed this response on the digest. I use Frame 7.0 and upgrading it
will not happen any time soon.  I'd like to upgrade Acrobat to version 8.
Will I have similar problems using Acrobat 8 with Frame 7.0?

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Yes. I find that I need to regularly (every few days) delete
c:\WINDOWS\system32\FNTCACHE.DAT and restart to avoid FrameMaker crashes
and text drop-outs when generating PDF. (Windows XP, FM7.2 and 8,
Acrobat 8 and Acrobat 3D).


Danny G Green wrote:
> In June there was a posting about Acrobat 8 dropping pages, text, and
> words when produced from FrameMaker 7.2.  Is anyone still having
> problems?
> Thanks
> Danny Green

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