We've been using Frame for years for certain marcom pieces, particularly where 
the content is similar or identical to content in our technical documents. 
Basically, our technical marketing is in Frame, while our corporate marketing 
is in InDesign. We have successfully worked around Frame's RGB output by using 
Publi PDF, a PDF creator/print queue monitor that has a Color Optimizer. It 
analyzes the Frame color output and allows us to modify those colors to either 
CMYK or Pantone prior to distillation to PDF. It does a lot more. For instance, 
we have one print queue monitor set up such that, by printing to that 
"printer," Publi PDF creates two PDFs at the same time, both color-corrected 
according to our custom color definitions, one high-res using one custom 
Distiller joboption for our print environment, and one low-res using a 
different custom Distiller joboption for posting to our website. Pretty cool. 
Check it out at http://www.grafikhuset.net/international/.

Jay Rush

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Windows XP Professional
FrameMaker 7.0
Adobe Acrobat 8.0 Professional

For the past 10 years I have been working with a firm that manufactures steel 
decking for the construction industry. Our major output has been two catalogs 
plus two updates (4 catalogs total),  ranging from 60 to 150 pages. 
Approximately 15-20 pages is text with supporting illustrations. The remaining 
pages are tables that have a header with an illustration of the deck profile 
and the circumstance for its use. The tables, mostly on facing pages, are 
typically 12 columns x 48 rows (plus or minus). Some tables also have 
footnotes. Since our client has requested that each profile is its owwn 
discrete file, we combine as many as 50 files into a FrameMaker book. Except 
for the covers, the catalogs have been printed in black + 1 spot color. (The 
covers are prepared by others using Quark -- no problem.)

That one spot color is the problem. Commercial printers seem to dislike 
FrameMaker output for offset printing because, in the printers' view at least, 
Frame does a lousy job of handling color output. For the four catalogs, we have 
used three printers, and each one has had trouble with Frame's color output 
despite our setting up FrameMaker separations and Distiller to the printers' 
specifications. They claim that Frame outputs a lot of RGB color or mixes RGB 
and CMYK color. The printer also wants output to an 11x17 page, but Frame says 
the output will overlap facing pages because we use right and left master pages 
with more space on the binding edge.

Basically our client is looking for answers two questions: 

1. Is FrameMaker still the best software choice? If not, what software or 
plug-ins would you recommend?

2. Assuming we continue with FrameMaker, how can we avoid the color issues 
we?ve had with commercial printers?

I would think that many of you have encountered the same problems, and I am 
most interested in hearing how you solved them.

Howard Rauch

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