Daniel Doornbos wrote:
> FrameMaker is tricky when it comes to color output for offset
> printing. There are two challenges: 1. Defining the spot
> color. 2. Printing only the black plate and the spot-color
> plate. Here is how I would do it, with no additional software.

        Framemaker on Windows can certainly create separations. However, it 
cannot correctly separate certain element types held in PostScript Level 2 and 
PostScript 3 EPS (and placed PDF) art, and it may not control "overprint" 
correctly as well.

        In cases where only PostScript Level 1 EPS art is placed -- and where 
"overprint" is not an issue -- pre-separation from within Framemaker may be a 
good solution.

Howard Rauch wrote:
> That one spot color is the problem. Commercial printers seem
> to dislike FrameMaker output for offset printing because, in
> the printers' view at least, Frame does a lousy job of
> handling color output.

        Many printers does not have the knowledge and tools required to deal 
with composite color output from Windows Framemaker.

Howard Rauch wrote:
> For the four catalogs, we have used
> three printers, and each one has had trouble with Frame's
> color output despite our setting up FrameMaker separations
> and Distiller to the printers' specifications. They claim
> that Frame outputs a lot of RGB color or mixes RGB and CMYK
> color.

        What the printers claim is correct in regard to Windows Framemaker and 
a lot of other applications on Windows. To learn why it is so please read my 
whitepater on the subject "Difficult PDF documents in prepress" found at 

> The printer also wants output to an 11x17 page, but
> Frame says the output will overlap facing pages because we
> use right and left master pages with more space on the binding edge.

        This problem can easily be solved by creating a custom paper size as a 
Windows form. Consult Printers Folder -> File menu -> Server properties -> 
Forms tab.

Howard Rauch wrote:
> 1. Is FrameMaker still the best software choice? If not, what
> software or plug-ins would you recommend?

        Framemaker is without discussion a splendid tool for catalogs.

Howard Rauch wrote:
> 2. Assuming we continue with FrameMaker, how can we avoid the
> color issues we?ve had with commercial printers?

        There are many ways to deal with this, but as Jay Rush suggested you 
may benefit from Grafikhuset Publi PDF with the Optimizer plug-in enabled. The 
Optimizer plug-in let you turn the Framemaker generated RGB colors back into 
spot colors and tints hereof, control "overprint" etc. (on-the-fly if properly 
configured, or manually on a job-by-job basis if you prefer that over 

        Feel free to download the free trial from 
http://www.grafikhuset.net/publipdf/download.htm. You may also contact me 
off-list if you need assistance to create a proper set-up.

All the best
Jacob Sch?ffer
Grafikhuset ApS
Paradis All? 22
DK-3200 Helsinge

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