What percentage of the FrameMaker audience do you think is waiting  
for such a ?feature?? What company will care to implement that as a  
standard function of their software?

Sorry, I cannot resist to tell you, that *if* you can come up with an  
algorithm for that ?problem? of yours, it can be solved today using  
API programming or scripting. FrameMaker allows overrides to the size  
and position of text frames on every single page and you can  
therefore control how many lines appear.

- Michael M?ller-Hillebrand

Am 27.09.2007 um 01:14 schrieb Hedley Finger:

>    Here's another feature:
>    Another feature that should be implemented is automatic
>    adjustment of page depth.  Commercial publishers are always
>    keen for every page to be full, that is, full-depth.  So even where
>    a diagram or whatever SHOULD be in-line for pedagogical
>    reasons, they will place it on another page with a figure title or
>    whatever and cross-reference it from its natural in-line home.
>    When I used to lay out books with full-depth pages, one way to
>    get rid of orphans and widows was to make a double-spread
>    a line shorter or a line deeper than normal to push the offending
>    line forward or pull it back.
>    This could be automated, with the proviso that a shallow page
>    should never be immediately followed by a deeper page.  Believe
>    me, no reader ever notices!  And you can avoid the problem of the
>    last two lines of a para being dragged onto the next page, thus
>    leaving a double-spread where one side is normal depth and the
>    facing page is (apparently) one line shallower because a line
>    has been pushed over.

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