Bill Swallow wrote: 

> FM+RH is still repurposing content from FM 
> into RH then out to whatever output you choose, and unless 
> I'm missing something, if you make changes in RH to your 
> content, you can't repurpose the content back to FM.

That's true *if* you make changes in RH to your content -- but Adobe
seems to be saying (and Michael has confirmed) that you don't *need* to
make changes in RH (unlike in earlier versions). 

IOW, you can use RH as an output engine, not an authoring tool, if you
choose to do so. At least, that seems to be the promise. 

If the authoring in RH is _no_longer_necessary_ and you
_refrain_from_doing_it_ -- then, by golly, you're single sourcing.


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