I'm running FM 7.1p116 on Windows XP SP-2. Maybe, it's just Friday, but I've 
got a book that includes landscape pages with different sizes than the standard 
pages. Accordingly, the chapters containing the landscape pages are broken into 
separate files. I'm working on the first chapter, Chapter 4, where this is 
happening, and my autonumbering is giving me fits. My chapter numbers and 
heading numbers are working just fine across the multiple files, but my figure 
titles all say Fig. 4-1, despite my attempt to follow my trusty O'Keefe and 
Loring handbook faithfully. I don't have any tables in this chapter, so that's 
not an issue -- at least not yet.

Here's the scheme:

Bildtitel (Figures)

F:Fig.\ <$chapnum>\+<n+>< >\t

?berschrift 1. Ebene (Heading1)


?berschrift 2. Ebene (Heading2)

H:<$chapnum>.<n+>< >\t

Tabellentitel (Table Title)

U:Tab.\ <$chapnum>\+<n+>\t

Within the book, I have my numbering for this section of Chapter 4 as follows:

Chapter  -- use same number as previous file

Page -- continue numbering from previous page in book

Paragraph -- continue numbering from previous paragraph in book

I've deleted all unused styles in these two document files, just to make sure 
there's no other paragraph format that may not be playing nice with my 

I suspect I'm missing something obvious. Hopefully, one of you will see it. 
Anyway, any help on this will be greatly appreciated.



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