Maybe try creating a new book that only contains the Chapter 4 files
and test in that. That should let you see if the problem is coming
from within Chapter 4 or from an earlier chapter.


On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 12:59 PM, Pinkham, Jim <Jim.Pinkham at voith.com> wrote:
> Hi, Art --
>  Thanks for all of these ideas -- all well worth checking. Here are the early 
> results:
>  * The \+ produces the non-breaking hyphen.
>  * I deleted all unused paragraph formats except Ch. 1, which has all the 
> formats my normal books require. The autonumbered paragraphs in Ch. 1 use 
> only the A, H, and U numbering streams.
>  * I created a FigTest format for Ch. 4 and assigned in a Q: numbering 
> stream. Everything still turns out as Fig. 4-1 (for all four figures in this 
> sub-chapter).
>  * I imported the paragraph formats for Ch. 4 into all of the other chapters 
> and updated the book. Still no luck.
>  I remain stymied but hopeful for more ideas.
>  Jim

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