Hi everyone,

We are trying to use text insets that get called into the chapter and
then are conditionalized from within the container file. For example, if
we want the content of an inset to appear only in Help, we give it a
HelpOnly condition from within the container file. We do not want to
conditionalize the text inset content itself because the condition may
not be appropriate in other places we use the inset.

This works fine until we revise the inset and it gets called back into
the container file. The condition is lost. At first, it seemed like a
bug. But after thinking about it, it makes sense that reimporting the
text inset replaces everything associated with the previous version. The
buggy thing is that Frame still indicates that the inset is conditional
(in the lower left corner of the screen where the paragraph/flow info
shows). The conditional dialog indicates that the inset is conditional,
but does not indicate which condition. In the end, however, the
information seems bogus because if you click on something else, then
click back on the inset, the info is carried over from the previous text
you clicked on.

If the conditional info was truly held in Frame, I was hoping that a
solution could be a script that scans for insets with associated
conditions and update and apply the condition. Now, I am not so hopeful.

Has anyone run into this and solved the problem?

Thank you...


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