One other possibility to think about (it is not Intuit) ... Microsoft
has a freebie available that may fit the need: Microsoft Accounting
Express 2008.

Check out the info here:
This is designed for small businesses.

Finally, "The Price Is Right" for this software. :)


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> Hello Framers,
> First of all, I want to thank all of you Framers who generously answer
> off-topic posts. I have received some great suggestions and guidance
on many
> topics over the years. Framers are smart! Now on to my latest OT post.
> I am getting ready to incorporate my business and my accountant
> QuickBooks Pro 2008. I was getting ready to buy it, but I am a little
> spooked by the negative reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. Does anyone
> have any feedback on it?
> Also, are there any Intuit folks on the list? I would be willing to
> some FrameScript work for a legal copy of QuickBooks Pro 2008. Thank
> very much.
> Rick Quatro
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