My husband and I use QuickBooks Smart Start - it's made much more for
the small business owner and it doesn't have all the unnecessary bells
and whistles for a small business that more advanced versions (like Pro)
has. There's also a great "dummies book" for SmartStart. We have it and
between that and the ease of the application, it is so perfect for a
small business owner.



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Hello Framers,

First of all, I want to thank all of you Framers who generously answer
my off-topic posts. I have received some great suggestions and guidance
on many topics over the years. Framers are smart! Now on to my latest OT

I am getting ready to incorporate my business and my accountant
recommended QuickBooks Pro 2008. I was getting ready to buy it, but I am
a little spooked by the negative reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. Does
anyone here have any feedback on it?

Also, are there any Intuit folks on the list? I would be willing to
barter some FrameScript work for a legal copy of QuickBooks Pro 2008.
Thank you very much.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing


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