I write accounting software reviews for Accounting Technology 
magazine this time every year.  (This year's covered several 
different versions of Peachtree, MS Office Accounting Professional, 
QB Pro and QB Premier, MYOB, and Simply Accounting.)  MS Office 
Accounting Express is definitely free and may be adequate for simple 
bookkeeping at the level Rick may need.  It tends to like using MS 
Office 2007, but that's not an absolute essential as I recall.

Yours truly,

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At 04:01 PM 4/25/2008, Syed.Hosain at aeris.net wrote:
>One other possibility to think about (it is not Intuit) ... Microsoft
>has a freebie available that may fit the need: Microsoft Accounting
>Express 2008.
>Check out the info here:
>This is designed for small businesses.
>Finally, "The Price Is Right" for this software. :)
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> > Hello Framers,
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> > First of all, I want to thank all of you Framers who generously answer
> > off-topic posts. I have received some great suggestions and guidance
>on many
> > topics over the years. Framers are smart! Now on to my latest OT post.
> >
> > I am getting ready to incorporate my business and my accountant
> > QuickBooks Pro 2008. I was getting ready to buy it, but I am a little
> > spooked by the negative reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. Does anyone
> > have any feedback on it?
> >
> > Also, are there any Intuit folks on the list? I would be willing to
> > some FrameScript work for a legal copy of QuickBooks Pro 2008. Thank
> > very much.
> >
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