Austin Meredith wrote:
> According to this morning's newspaper, Microsoft plans to discontinue 
> its support of XP on June 30th. Is this something we should be discussing?

(Sorry about the previous posting with no content but the quote -- 
that's the first hiccup I've experienced with Thunderbird.)

What MS announced was that by the end of June, computer makers will have 
to stop *selling* Windows XP for all uses other than ultra-low-cost PCs. 
  Mainstream technical support will continue to be available for Windows 
XP through April 2009, and more limited support will continue through 
April 2014.  (That probably means that the constant stream of patches 
for security "vulnerabilities" will continue till then.)

MS had originally said they would stop selling XP in January, but were 
forced by market pressure to extend that date.

It is already most unusual that MS is still allowing XP to be sold when 
its successor has been on the market for so long.  We all knew that XP 
would disappear when Vista arrived -- we shouldn't expect any more 
difficulties than were experienced when previous OS versions were 


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