I apologize in advance for asking an admittedly vague question, but any
experiences or information you can share will be appreciated.

I've focused largely on MS Word for the past fifteen years of my career,
and have become quite adept at designing templates for technical
publications. I'm currently in a shop that uses both Word and
FrameMaker, and have been offered "ownership" of the FrameMaker
templates as well. I have only the slightest experience of FrameMaker.

Can anyone hazard a guess as to how long it might take me to get up to
speed with FrameMaker, to the point of being able to do more good than
harm with the templates I inherit for maintenance, or create from

I can only add that we're using FrameMaker 7.0 to create print
publications. That is, we're not using SGML or XML or any of the
features of structured FrameMaker.


David Chinell 

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