>  > So there is no proper hyperlinked online guide either?
>  Yes, there's online help, but it's nice to have a book you can read away
>  from the computer. Also, the help files that come with various Adobe
>  programs are not (in my opinion) well done. There have been countless times
>  when I've been unable to find simple items in help. For example, you would
>  think that every menu item, or dialogue box option would be covered in help.
>  They often are not. Or, at least, search cannot find them. Of course, these
>  same terms are usually lacking from the indexes in the printed manuals, too.

Have you tried using the Catalog feature of full Acrobat to create an
index of the PDF version of the User Guide? You can use Search in
Acrobat or Reader to find text in an indexed PDF much faster than
using Find.



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