>>The FrameMaker 8 manual is worse, because there isn't one-- at least, no 
>>hard copy is included or sold
>>separately. Adobe does include a file on the CD that you can print and 
>>bind yourself, but sheesh. It's
>>over 1000 pages and awkward to print and bind in an office. I'm thinking 
>>about sending it off to a POD
>>printer to get a printed/bound copy (split into two volumes for 

> So there is no proper hyperlinked online guide either?

Yes, there's online help, but it's nice to have a book you can read away 
from the computer. Also, the help files that come with various Adobe 
programs are not (in my opinion) well done. There have been countless times 
when I've been unable to find simple items in help. For example, you would 
think that every menu item, or dialogue box option would be covered in help. 
They often are not. Or, at least, search cannot find them. Of course, these 
same terms are usually lacking from the indexes in the printed manuals, too.

Mike Wickham

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