Hi All,

I'm using FM 7.2 (unstructured) with Acrobat 7.0 on WinXP SP-2.

Our process is: FM generates the LOF from the Figure Title paragraph formats, 
and then we print the book to PS with Adobe PDF printer instance, which we 
double-click to distill to PDF. 

In the resulting PDF, whenever you click a link in the LOF, the PDF page 
displays with the Figure Title at the top of the window. Great...except that 
our captions follow the figures...so the figure title shows, but the figure 
itself requires scrolling back up the page to see.  I had proposed the 
(potentially offensive to some tech writers) alternative of the caption leading 
the figure rather than following it, but that solution was refused by the 
client, for various reasons. (Bummer...that could have been a quick scripted 

I don't think Acrobat can distinguish between paragraph formats, and I don't 
think it considers a graphic that has callouts as a single entity but rather as 
a composite of graphics and text?and this is as it should be for most and 
advanced applications, such as when we link between callouts and content 
relevant to the callout?so I can't think of a way to tell Acrobat to 'go to" 
the point preceding the paragraph of the link pointer. (Does that even make 

I tried fiddling with the anchored frame by placing it in the Figure Title, but 
I couldn't come up with a way to get it to insert in the paragraph and display 
above the insertion point. 

What am I missing?


Rene L. Stephenson

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