Hi, Stuart and Rick.

Rick wrote:

> User variables cannot be used in autonumbers. If you are
> not using the $volnum variable for any other purpose, you
> could use it for this.

Stuart wrote:

> If you need $volnum for something else, you could achieve
> your output by putting your RevNum variable in a run-in
> paragraph that is defined to have an <n+> autonumbered
> paragraph as Next pgf.  (More effort, so I hope $volnum
> works for you!)

Thanks much for your inputs so far! Greatly appreciated.

The run-in paragraph method does not work for me unfortunately (the
specific numbered paragraph is in a table element, so there isn't any
prior paragraph that I can use - assuming I am understanding your
description correctly).

But, luckily, so far, my experiments with $volnum are working ... I have
gained some experience with doing this, but some new questions have
arisen (so I will send this back to the entire list too).

1. I changed the value of the Volume (hence the variable volnum) using
the "Numbering Property" of the file. I had to use the "Text" format,
since the others (including the default "Numeric") did not allow for the
decimal period in "22.5" to be used. My key question ... just to confirm
... is this okay to use this method, i.e., changing the Volume property
(and hence the $volnum variable) without the likelihood of the $volnum
variable being used in ways - elsewhere in FrameMaker, etc. - that could
cause me problems? I don't use it in my document itself ...

2. I changed the Volume property on the first file in the book to
"22.5", and then changed the rest of the files to "Use Same Number as
Previous File" ... this worked after I did a "Edit->Update Book"
(otherwise, it did not!). Is it unusual to have to *do* the
"Edit->Update Book" to get this setting to "take" or is this normal?

3. Does anyone know if the "BookVars" built-in from Leximation supports
setting the $volnum variable or Volume property from their .ini input
file? This would simplify life a lot ... I change book-level variables
all the time using BookVars and it would be great to change this
"system" variable through the same control method!



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