The first method described here ("How to enter Unicode characters
in Microsoft Windows")
does work for me in FM8.
You probably need to set the registry key EnableHexNumpad as described.

If you don't know your unicode (hex) values inside out, BabelMap
is a cute tool to determine, convert and search for unicode chars
(valuable tip by Stefan Gentz).

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From: Geoffrey Marnell
Date: 01.06.2008 02:37
> Hi Framers,
> I'm tired of pulling my hair out trying to find an answer to this in the FM
> 8 OLH, so over to you...
> I want to enter some unicode (but non-ANSI) characters into an English
> language document (such as primes and double primes-u2032; and u2033;
> respectively-being symbols use in specifying latitude and longitude). I'm
> stuffed if I can work out how to do this directly in FM. 
> There is a long-winded workaround: type the character in MSWord (2032 + ALT
> + x gives the prime, for example), copy it, and then paste it into FM (Paste
> Special --> Unicode Text). But surely there is an easier way than this.
> Ideas?
> Cheers
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