Hi Framers,

We currently have a single source FM doc, with conditional tags used for 
UK-only or USA-only sections, so the same FM file is used for both UK and 
USA versions of our software app, with 2 writers (one UK, one USA) working 
in conjunction on the same file.

This is too complex to keep up, especially as UK and USA versions of the 
software are not released at the same time, so we are going to split the 
FM in two copies. Going forwards, there will be one writer updating the UK 
FM and one writer updating the USA FM.

However, we don't want both writers to be documenting the same software, 
but at the same time, we don't want one writer to have to continuously 
list or copy/paste all their changes to the other writer (who then 

Does anyone have experience with this and how to work with it?

Lynn Durell
lynn.durell at dds.co.uk

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