Hi, Carla:

With all your conditions, I'm wondering if you're using logical
expressions (new in FM 8) or are doing it the old way.


On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 at 8:17 AM, Martinek, Carla <CMartinek at zebra.com> wrote:
> Lynn -
> >From my viewpoint, you are doing the right thing now. Moving away from
> this method will cause you more problems down the road. However, you may
> need to add additional conditional text settings to accommodate your
> needs. (I assume you are storing the shared files on a network location
> accessible by both writers?)
> We maintain shared files for multiple product lines (at least 8 at last
> count).  We have separate conditional text formats for each product line
> for the following: User Guide, Quick Ref Guides, Maintenance Manual, and
> Maintenance Kit. Add in some other product conditional text options (our
> software and programming guides) and we are easily over 100 conditional
> tags in use. It seems daunting at first, but it's really quite logical.
> I suggest that you create additional logical styles, based on the region
> and the software release. For example:
> UK 1.1
> UK 2.0
> US 1.1
> US 2.0
> Or, if you want them grouped differently:
> 1.1 US
> 1.1 UK
> Etc.
> Assign each release a specific COLOR for the condition, and add a format
> for the region. For example:
> UK 1.1 = BLUE Overline
> US 1.1 = BLUE Underline
> UK 2.0 = PINE GREEN Overline
> US 2.0 = PINE GREEN Underline
> We created a matrix that has sample text for all of our conditions, and
> use it to import conditional text and variable settings. I've attached
> it to this email (the list won't get it, tho. If anyone else wants to
> see this example, email me offlist.)
> Also, look at the granularity of each file you are sharing. Are they
> full chapters, or individual topics that are assembled into chapters
> within the Frame book? (We do the topical files, assembled in the book.)
> If you have topics which are completely different for new versions of
> the software, create and name the topics based on that. (e.g.,
> installation_UK-r2_0.fm and installation_US-r2_0, or
> installation_UK-r1_1.fm and installation_US-r1_1.) That allows you
> addiitional control as to what gets added into specific books.
> Regards,
> Carla
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> Hi Framers,
> We currently have a single source FM doc, with conditional tags used for
> UK-only or USA-only sections, so the same FM file is used for both UK
> and USA versions of our software app, with 2 writers (one UK, one USA)
> working in conjunction on the same file.
> This is too complex to keep up, especially as UK and USA versions of the
> software are not released at the same time, so we are going to split the
> FM in two copies. Going forwards, there will be one writer updating the
> UK FM and one writer updating the USA FM.
> However, we don't want both writers to be documenting the same software,
> but at the same time, we don't want one writer to have to continuously
> list or copy/paste all their changes to the other writer (who then
> localises).
> Does anyone have experience with this and how to work with it?
> Thanks,
> Lynn Durell
> lynn.durell at dds.co.uk

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