Hi, Dov, et. al.

> (1)     FrameMaker 8 works fine on both Vista 32-bit and Vista 64-bit
assuming that if you are running Acrobat, you are using at least Acrobat

Thanks for the info! I use Acrobat Pro 9, so that should be okay. But, I
do have to re-install Acrobat next. And, deal with the activation
problem there ... :(

By the way, I loaded FrameMaker 8 and told it not to load its built-in
PDF support ... under the assumption that the subsequent load of Acrobat
Pro 9 would be all that I need to do. Was this the right decision? I
hope to find this out before I call Adobe for the Acrobat activation
issues ...

Also, I ended up *not* loading Vista 64-bit for other reasons yesterday,
but I am glad to know that it would have been fine to do so if I had!
FWIW, I doubt that there would have been any performance improvement
with 64 bit Vista on the typical 100 to 300 page books I working on for,
so I decide not to hassle with it for now.

> (2)     You should ALWAYS cleanly uninstall Adobe applications.
Actually you should first "deactivate" them and then uninstall them.
Failure to do that will probably cause major issues in terms of
activating them again on your "rebuilt" system.

Understood! I kinda did not have a choice in this matter. The OS was
locking up in reboots, and would not really allow me to bring up
FrameMaker and Acrobat and deactivate them cleanly. Although I did have
one opportunity to do so on Sunday when the system stayed up for a while
... but, I was hoping that the system was okay and did not need a

The joys of "activation", I guess! :(

> By the way, if you in fact "rebuilt" your laptop, hopefully you didn't
try to do an "in place" upgrade from XP to Vista. That is an absolute

Luckily, nope. I did a clean install of Vista into a new disk, so there
was no OS loaded there from before.

> You will likely need to contact Adobe to be able to reactivate your
applications after you install them due to the failure to deactivate and
uninstall them previously.

That ended up being what I had to do to cure the problem ... John Posada
stated the same thing. The Adobe "Live Chat" person was not able to help
me, because FrameMaker somehow got messed up enough that it would not
start up. I had to reboot, deinstall, delete the installation directory
and do a clean install from the CD. Then, I was able to get to a screen
where a live phone call to the activation people got me going again.

Sigh ...

Thanks everybody who responded!


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> Hi, all.
> My laptop disk drive started acting flaky, so I had to put a new drive
onto the system. In this
> process, I rebuilt my laptop using Windows Vista rather than Windows
> I am now at the stage of re-installing FrameMaker 8 and have some
questions (one a bit belated).
> 1. I assumed that FM 8 works fine on Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit).
Is this accurate? (A bit belated
> of a question, I suppose, but before I waste any more time and end up
re-installing XP, I thought I
> would ask here ... hoping to get a quick response).
> 2. I did not cleanly do the UNinstall on my previous drive (either for
FrameMaker or Acrobat 9) for
> obvious reasons. So will re-installing them on my new drive cause any
headaches with registering these
> at Adobe? Since the OS has changed?
> Thanks,
> Z

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