> I am now at the stage of re-installing FrameMaker 8 and have some questions
> (one a bit belated).
This has been answered, but I thought I'd donate my 2 cents...

> 1. I assumed that FM 8 works fine on Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit). Is this
> accurate? (A bit belated of a question, I suppose, but before I waste any more
> time and end up re-installing XP, I thought I would ask here ... hoping to get
> a quick response).

I use both FM 7.2 and 8 on the same Vista 32-bit system without problems.
I just open the version I want to use first.
> 2. I did not cleanly do the UNinstall on my previous drive (either for
> FrameMaker or Acrobat 9) for obviosu reasons. So will re-installing them on my
> new drive cause any headaches with registering these at Adobe? Since the OS
> has changed?

If you used up both of your activations, you will have a problem. I had a
problem starting FM8 under Boot Camp (booting natively into Windows) and
then opening the Boot Camp partition via Parallels in that FM8 activated
both times on my portable. That gave me problems installing it on my tower
with a similar Boot Camp/Parallels configuration. A quick call to Adobe
reset the activation. I think as long as you are not calling every week,
they generally trust the user.
  By the way, either a FM update or a Parallels update removed the problem
from happening again.

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