> I'm an Adobe trainer, so I need both versions depending on which
version my client has. I also have InDesign CS2, CS3, and CS4 on my
computer too. (The government is usually the last to upgrade...)

Ah! Got it ...

> > I am not sure I understand this exactly. Do you mean that when you
> > an FM update (from like version 8 to version 8.0.1 or later) on an
> > installations, the activation problem is no longer a problem? How?

> I meant that rebooting into Boot Camp and then using Parallels no
longer used up two activations. I don't know if it was a Frame upgrade
(8 to 8.01 for example) or a Parallels (3 to 3.188 for example) that
stopped the dual activation--but I can switch between them now without

Okay ... thanks!


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