Jo Watkiss wrote:

> "Anyway, if changing to a different printer driver changed your output
> from separate chapter PDFs to a single book PDF, then something's
> somewhere."
> Yup.
> I suspect the answer is upgrade my FrameMaker.

No. Unless you need to for other reasons. When I said "something's wrong
somewhere," I didn't mean with FM6, which is perfectly capable of
producing single PDFs from FM6 books. Countless Framers did this for
many years. I still use FM6 at home, and I've never had this problem. 

Something's wrong with your settings, procedure, or configuration, not
with FM6 itself.

And Art -- I was agreeing with you about the asterisk. Sorry I confused
things by mentioning the FM7.2 setting. I just thought it was
interesting how Adobe evolved the feature into something more


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