Erin Easter wrote:
> Hi,
> I found an topic in the list's archive about blank pages showing up in
> online help, which is a problem I'm having. The answer posted didn't
> really help so I thought I'd repost the question with a few more
> details.  I'm using FrameMaker 7.1 and WebWorks Publisher to generate
> both Webhelp and MS HTML Help. A blank page shows up after every single
> topic. The problem is that these blank pages are part of the navigation
> so previous and next buttons go to them and will go to page not found
> error if you just remove them.
> I have checked all the settings in FrameMaker to make sure blank pages
> are a removed and the Double-Sided 1st Page Side setting is set to Next
> Available. Does anyone have any idea where these blank pages are coming
> from? Below is the original post I found in the archive:


Are you setting the pagination in the individual files or in the book 
window?  The book window settings will override the file settings.  Also 
make sure there are no blank pages remaining in the topic files.  Even 
with Remove Blank Pages set, blank pages may remain if they contain 
invisible items like empty frames or text lines, or if they use any 
master page other than default left/right.


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